About us


Dena Electric Iranian Company, relying on more than half a century of experience of Deland Electric, Fazl Electric and Iran Electric collections, has started to work in 1394 in the holy city of Mashhad in order to complete the product portfolio of these companies. The company's products include miniature switches in the current range of one amp to 63 amperes of direct and alternating current, interlocking protective switches in two electronic and magnetic models, home fans of size 10, 12, 15 and 20, LED ceiling lights. , Fuse box, video door openers, LED lamps and SMD ultra-low energy bulbs in sizes E27 and E14, phase meter and plug with interface strap. This company has been honored to receive the European standard certificate and the license to use the Iranian standard mark for its products by controlling the products and strict supervision and compliance of the product with the national standards. Also, due to proving competence in research and considering the quality of all its processes, in 2016, it succeeded in obtaining the license of the research and development unit from the Ministry of Industry and ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 certificates. The company in the R&D unit is researching and developing to manufacture and produce products such as fan motors, intelligent and modern systems, video door openers and LED lights and panels in Iran.



Dena Electric Iranian strives to provide innovative and high quality products in the field of building electrical installations to its customers throughout Iran, including organizations, institutions, companies and the general public, relying on the ability, knowledge and perseverance of its qualified employees. Give. Undoubtedly, in the difficult path he has chosen, customer and employee satisfaction is the most important underlying value on which he has relied.


Dena Electric Iranian Company is trying to upgrade its current position in this industry and become the first hub of the country in the field of production of building electrical installations by 1400. We aim to increase our brand credibility by localizing products and continuous communication with customers and creating sustainable value for them, and by increasing the product portfolio of manufactured products, provide very safe and stable employment conditions for employees and a growing and learning work environment. Provide for them.


* The largest production of miniature switches with a cut-off power of six thousand and ten thousand amps in the country
* Production of life-saving keys (both two bridges and four bridges) combined and non-combined
* Production of contactors
* Types of surface and built-in fuse boxes with IP observance
* Home ventilators with IP observance
* Production of LED lamps and lights
* Production of crossroads and voltage protectors
* Production of belt packages
* Types in video openers
* Smart home systems with energy management approach
* Fire alarm systems


* Intimacy with customers
* Commitment to employees
* Innovation
* Responsibility to society
* Environmental Protection


Quality statement

* Our main goal is to satisfy customers by continuously improving the quality of products and services, so that customers themselves increase the market share for us. To achieve this, we have established a quality management system.
* All managers and supervisors are responsible for planning, directing and controlling the parts under their supervision based on the company's goals.
* Employees are the basis of the organization's progress and success, and we work together to achieve our goals and to plan and implement the necessary measures to improve their professional and behavioral capabilities.
* We want to be the best in innovation and quality. Therefore, we consider it our duty to continuously improve our work processes and take steps to optimize them.
* Quality Assurance Management As the representative of management in the quality system, is responsible for monitoring and ensuring the correct process of all processes.
* Effective and timely decisions of the organization are made based on market information and customer feedback. In fact, the demands and expectations of customers are the basis of planning our activities.